Service Panel Upgrades

Meeting today’s Electrical Standards while looking in to the Future will give room for more. The Ideal Service Panel should have 200 Amps to distribute, anything less than 200 Amps may need an upgrade.


Do you lights seem a little dim? Not able to use all the kitchen appliances at the same time? Are you using extension cords? Not enough wall receptacles? Changing fuses or re setting breakers? Is the main fuse 30 Amperes? or the main breaker 30, to 70 Amperes? Are you planning to install central AC?. Upgrade of the Main Electrical Meter to 100 or 200 Amperes, and re wire the whole house, is a sure way to resolve these problems.

Fuses to Breakers

Tired of buying and replacing fuses? CAUTION fuse holders usually have “HOT” wires exposed. Upgrade obsolete fuses to modern circuit breakers, that protect the wiring, and interrupt the power when need it on a secure way.

Electrical Systems

When adding bigger refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and large screen TV’s, you may need to upgrade the existing Electrical System for more amperage support. Older homes may not meet today’s technological requirements and an electrical service upgrade is highly recommended.


Troubleshooting blowing fuses, faulty breakers or panels, partial power on units or building, install replace or maintain Exit Signs, or Emergency Lights. For troubleshooting service, please call 800 317-4678.